En Route to the South Seas

The night before we left Moraira, there was a Harvest Moon rising over the Cumbres. With an early flight from Barcelona to Singapore, we chose to take an overnight stay near Barcelona Airport. I found a nice looking wine hotel, that certainly lived up to expectations.

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The Mastinell had a really unique architecture, and minimalist interior based on a wine theme - call it a wine rack, wine bottle, wine barrel, - it is unique in style. . And it turned out to be a good choice, I probably should have booked two nights, and seen more of the vineyards in the area.

The rooms are minimalist in design, and very modern. We had a view over the vineyard, and your curtains we electrically controlled blinds from beside the bed. A free bottle of their cava came with the room, plus some very nice local chocolates.

We had the evening meal in their restaurant which we enjoyed. And we had to check out early to get to the airport, and they put on a magnificent spread just for us. The staff should be remarked on as they were miles better than most hotel staff. Efficient, friendly and anxious to please

We hit GPS problems and heavy traffic the next morning and the 40 minute journey to the Airport ended up taking us twice as long. Anyway after a few anxious moments we checked in and were off to Singapore.

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It being difficult to get flight connections to Fiji these days I opted for a 12 hour stay during the day in Singapore , rather than a similar stay overnight in Sydney. We had taken the hop on - hop off bus round Singapore before, and opted for it again. It was difficult to get information on the bus at the airport. People who were either incompetent or had vested interests assured us it did not exist, but we persevered and made our way in to the city centre by the excellent Singapore metro to get the bus. One wonders what Singaporean's think of the dirty, overcrowded London metro!

We took a river trip, plus stops at Little India, the Botanic Gardens and Chinatown. Lunch was at the same little seafood restaurant that we had eaten in 3 years ago. The boys enjoyed a glass of cold beer there.

Then back to the airport and more hanging round to board our flight to Brisbane, and there changed to the final flight to Fiji, where we eventually arrived at our Fiji hotel after two nights on aircraft

South Seas Holiday