David Najar

David Najar is an Israeli artist. His works (Oils and Acrylic on canvas) present energetic movements of colour and shapes, describing scenes from nature. Drawn from previous movements like the impressionists, Najar takes the effect of colour and light to a different dimension.The play between thick, 3D blotches of colour and thin airy layers, between light and shadow, strong strokes and thin lines – gives the viewer the feeling of life.

One can describe his as Contemporary Expressionism. Najar paintings were shown in galleries in the U.S., Canada and Israel.

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Our interest with David Najar centred on the 4 Seasons painting that we bid for and lost, but later found a smaller (and cheaper) version

A chance encounter with a Renoir painting turned David Najar’s life upside down. Once a tough Krav Maga coach, Najar now makes a living painting. Tarkay became his mentor, and Najar set to paint in Tarkay's atelier in Israel which also housed studios for Israeli artists Yaacov Agam, Yuval Wolfson and Mark Kanovich. He is in select company as on December 15, 2010, a painting by Agam sold at auction for $698,000 at Sotheby's New York, the highest price ever paid for the work of an Israeli artist.

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