San Pedro de Quemez, Bolivia

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We stayed at the Hotel de la Piedra, which is a low stone building above San Pedro de Quemez - a small village in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by desert. It is at 4200 metres, so gives altitude problems in sleeping - I had a blinding headache in the middle of the night: and in addition is was bitterly cold at night, particularly as there was no heating

This place was described somewhat optimistically by Audley Travel as

Located on the western shores of the Uyuni salt lake, the unique Stone Hotel was inspired by its location near the pre-Columbian village of San Pedro de Quemez and is constructed of local stone and volcanic sand, whilst the ceilings are made of traditional straw that is common to the local Andean communities. All of the rooms make use of solar energy to ensure a constant supply of hot water and maintain heat within the building both during the day and night. The rooms are comfortable and and the service is good.

I somehow doubt that anyone from Audley has ever stayed here.

Well, the position and architecture are both good, and the idea of making everything of stone is interesting. However there is little (read, virtually nothing) in the way of heating, so in the morning it is really cold - below zero cold. And on arrival, once we eventually got someone to unlock the place, they warn you there is hot water only in the evening, and that it is "stone" cold in the morning. Their idea of a fire in the dining room was a small stove that never really fired. My lasting memory of this place is the cold. It comes up well in photos thanks to the colourful fabrics, but they hide the somewhat basic nature of the place underneath them.

The meal, served at 7 pm "on the dot" was without doubt the worst meal we had in Bolivia, and really was inedible.We both left the entire main course, the knife could not even cut the meat, it just flexed and gave up. The soup was a thin gruel, somewhat tasteless. The pudding was a bland sponge with a bit of banana on top: this was edible though!
In reality you stay here because it is a convenient stopping place - we were en route from Uyuni to Chile, and is in the middle of nowhere, just where you need a hotel on this route. And is probably the best of a bad lot. I guess if I ever went this way again, I would check the alternatives, but would probably be forced to stay here

The ruins of this town which was burned during the war between Chile and Bolivia in 1879, are a few hundred metres away, but it is not one of the world's great tourist sites. And nothing of the history of the burning can be found on the web apart from it being "an unknown page of official history"

From here we struck out south along dirt tracks and open desert towards the Chilean border, and were treated over the next two days to really breathtaking scenery.

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