Lianschulu Lodge

There are eleven chalets spread around the lodge's grounds. It is built right on the Kwando River, which forms the border between Botswana and Namibia at this point. The lodge is well disguised and one hardly notices it from the river. It is also located actually within the Mudumu National Park which has an abundant amount of wildlife, including buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and waterbuck. Elephant and hippo in particular can be found in great numbers. You have to be lucky with the elephants - we thought that we were not going to see any, but all of a sudden a hundred appeared out of nowhere, and equally quickly disappeared into the bush

We had a mindless argument with the management when we arrived: we had paid for one day on Dinner B&B and another day with Dinner, lunch, game drives and B&B. They wanted to palm us off with the full day's activities on our arrival day, and given that we only arrived at 4pm, we had missed most of them including lunch. Got very heated the discussion as we sat in the lobby area, surrounded by a dozen transfixed staff at the volubility of their clients. Anyway eventually they backed down, and agreed that we could have just dinner on our arrival day, and the full McCoy the following day. To appease us we had their floating dinner the first night, with just the two of us afloat on the Kwando - it was very pleasant

It is a 45 minute drive from the main Caprivi road to get to the lodge. The road will no doubt be better one day, but when we drove along it, there were 50kn of road works.

Our full day inclusive gave us a game drive in the morning. Back for lunch. Then a river cruise in the afternoon. Game viewing, to be honest, was not great, but it may have been the luck of the draw. One tends to get a bit blase about game after the places we had been too, but in the end we did see (more) elephants and hippos. The river trip was very beautiful.

Elephants broke into the hotel grounds each night - you could see the fresh dung and broken fences.

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A very modern lodge, recently refurbished. The rooms were very large and luxurious, and the boys enjoyed taking tapas on the verandah. Lots of nice little touches too.
The floating dinner was memorable. Game was not plentiful, but a herd of elephants graced us as did a clutch of hippos on the river. Time for a sundowner.


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