Central Asia Itinerary 2013


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Wed 11 Sep Drive to Valencia Istanbul
Thurs 12 Sep   Istanbul
Fri 13 Sep   Istanbul
Sat 14 Sep   Turkish flight Istanbul to Ashgabat TK332
Sun 15 Sep   Ashgabat
Mon 16 Sep   Darvaza Camp
Tues 17 Sep   Ak Molla- Desert Camp
Wed 18 Sep   Mary
Thurs 19 Sep   Mary
Fri 20 Sep   Mashhad (Iran)
Sat 21 Sep   overnight train to Tehran
Sun 22 Sep   Tehran
Mon 23 Sep   Alamut
Tues 24 Sep   Masule via Lambesar Castle
Wed 25 Sep   Masule
Thurs 26 Sep   Lankaran (Azerbaijan)
Fri 27 Sep   Lankaran (Azerbaijan)
Sat 28 Sep   Baku
Sun 29 Sep   Baku Turkish flight Baku to Istanbul TK339 @04.55
      Turkish flight Istanbul to Valencia

Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan are not the most obvious of countries to visit, but for us it was a continuaion of an exploration of the Silk Route which we had done further north last year . There is a cetain frisson of excitement in crossing the border into Iran, and another in getting back out.

The trip with Wild Frontiers was just 16 nights, effectively 14 nights as the first and last nights were middle of the night flights. Therefore there was a lot packed into the time available. Overall I enjoyed the trip and the experience very much, though there were, as inevitably, things that could have been better. The itinerary was good, and difficult to do more than tweek it here and there asI assume the main problem is to get it into 2 weeks to attract the wider market of people who cannot get away from work for longer. Personally I would have preferred to have gone on to Georgia as a recce trip did 2 years ago and done a 3 week trip.

The Good Things

The Bad Things

First stop Istanbul