The Boys' Holiday in Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan

After their holiday with us on the northern Silk Route last year, the boys decided to give the rigours of this southern extension of the Route a whirl. They were impress with what they saw, and made a few friends along the way

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They always enjoy trains, sometimes I think they only come for the trains. Regrettably they also enjoy getting dirty and the mud volcanoes were perfect for them - but the quid pro quo was the washing machine when we got home. They liked Maira, Jake, Majid, and Hossain. Plus the man in the kiosk who sold Pembroke an Azerbaijan flag badge.

The desert camping they thought "hot" and the Masuleh Hotel was so grotty that they are still trying to forget it.

And at the end of the trip what could be better than to jump onto the families new Magic Carpet and get back to Spain first.

Our holiday