Doha, Qatar

An overnight crossing from Abu Dhabi, and we were in another of the Gulf States, Qatar. Again a country that, 50 years ago, was just sand, now bristles with skyscrapers. Doha is the capital of Qatar, and here live 60% of Qatar's population.

During the early 20th century, much of Qatar's economy depended on fishing and pearling, and Doha had about 350 pearling boats. However, after the introduction of the Japanese cultured pearls in the 1930s, the whole region, including the town of Doha, suffered a major depression and Qatar was plunged into poverty. This lasted until the late 1930s, when oil was discovered.Today the nation as a whole produces over 800,000 barrels of oil daily and is extremely rich.

The demography of Doha is unusual in that the majority of residents are expatriates, with Qatari nationals forming a minority. The largest portion of expatriates in Qatar are from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, with large numbers of expatriates also coming from the Levant Arab countries, North Africa, and East Asia. Doha is also home to European expatriates .

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Anyone want a badge? We started off with a wander round the old souq, unlike other souqs, this had live animals.
The Old Town was patrolled by the very photogenic bedouin policemen, who clattered up and down the traffic free streets
For some reason the Sultans old Rolls was parked in the street Museum of Islamic Arts had this iconic frame of the modern city
The city is modern and skyscrapers now stand where there was only sand 40 years ago The boys got new badges here

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