Abu Dhabi, UAE

It was a comparatively short overnight voyage from Fujairah to Abu Dhabi. We saw little of Abu Dhabi as we opted for an off-road desert safari in the Al Khatim Desert, which offers some of the worlds tallest sand dunes. You drive out into the desert, they let the tyres down a bit to give more grip on the sand, then it's off up and down the dunes for a few hours. I found it quite exhilarating, but Chris was not so keen,. It is a high adrenalin adventure, and you certainly feel the movement in the pit of your stomach as you go up and over the dunes, slither sideways down them and race up them. The drivers were very good, and were able to maximise the experience - presumably safely as none of the jeeps rolled over.

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This appeared to be a camel farm, and the camels were wandering over the desert. They were not averse to humans getting up close, but on the main seemed to be camera shy. Certainly they were camels in their natural surroundings
The driver reduces tyre pressure, then away you go. The downhill, cross dune slides were remarkable and spectacular.

Our Holiday from Cairo to India on SS Voyager