Fujairah, UAE

We forsook the delights of another town tour here, for the sturdier option of a jeep trip up into the mountains. This proved to be a really spectacular trip. It entailed in fact first driving up the coast and crossing the border back into Oman. This is an Omani enclave in the United Arab Emirates, and quite distinct.

Then away from the coast and an ascent into the 3,280-foot Hajar Mountains. Along the way, we passed small villages where seasonal crops are cultivated, and spectacular canyons, steep, rugged winding tracks, deep gorges and terraced mountainsides. Upon arrival at the summit, we all got out, had a drink of water, took the requisite photos before before starting our descent along the same route. After reaching the base of the mountain, we left the dirt roads behind and it was tarmac for the rest of the the return drive to the pier.

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We came across these two climbing in the middle of nowhere - it must have been a well known climb for them to have found it.
Back at the port, another warship in sight, this time US - and therefore the need to keep away unwelcome guests - not friendly.

A spectacular sunset over the Gulf - click to enlarge

Our Holiday from Cairo to India on SS Voyager