Regent Seven Seas Voyager

Regent seven seas voyager

Classed as "6 Star", the Voyager is an all-suite, all-balcony ship. There were 700 passengers at maximum, and 447 international crew members. I enjoyed the voyage on her. You pay for everything in the ticket - food, wine, bar, tips, shore excursions. The food was of exceptionally high quantity, but the service in the restaurants was rushed as they wanted to get off duty by 9.30 in the evening. Cocktails could be indulged in at a whim, a bottle of liqueur delivered to your cabin at no extra cost. The afternoon teas were very good, and had various "themes" on a daily basis.

We had a "butler" for a cabin, who if the truth were to be told was a waste of space, he did very little that the cabin stewardess could not have done. We had breakfast served by him on our balcony one morning but it did not seem vale la pena. He served tapas every afternoon in the cabin, but it did take a bit of organisation. And he did clean my shoes on the two occasions that we left them outside the cabin door. But overall "null points" for the butler

The wine waiters were very good, not particularly knowledgeable, but very friendly. Wine was included in the ticket (expect for real premium wines) and the selection offered in the restaurants was more than just acceptable. The head waiters in the specialty restaurants and the staff in those were welcoming - I found the head waiters in the Compass Rose somewhat supercilious, but in the end we got on well together.

I had a consultation with Alain in the Canyon Spa, the ships Spa and Gym. He measured my fat with calipers, probed my lifestyle, ran various calculations, and gave a "plan for healthy living". This amounts to eating less, but having snacks between meals, and eating a measured balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat at each meal/snack. Plus drinking enormous amounts of water - about 3 litres a day - "detox". I really could not manage 3 litres a day, and after 2 weeks cut to 2 litres a day - even then visits to the loo were more frequent than I would have wished. On returning from the cruise I had mushroomed from an unhealthy 12st 6lb to a really unhealthy 12st 11 lb, but 6 weeks later it was down to a more manageable 11st 13lb - whether it can be held below 12st remains to be seen.

Our cabin, Penthouse Suite 1058 as it was grandly titled.

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The boys enjoyed the trip Comfortable bed to bounce on .. Space to have a drink and snack And a butler to clean your shoes.

There were four main dining venues. I preferred the smaller ones, Prime and Signatures, but getting more than a handful of reservations was problematical. In my defence I would say that I did try to curtail my calorie intake - learning from past mistakes on cruise ships - and we avoided buffets entirely.Plus a visit to the healthy living man, Alain, put me on a "balanced" diet. I nevertheless put on 5lbs to Chris's 2 lbs. A rigorous diet was necessary on our return

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Prime 7 restaurant was my own favourite - I could have eaten there every night. The boys like it too, and the staff liked the boys
The food was good everywhere Sette Mari on the pool deck Signature French Restaurant Compass Rose

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Afternoon tea in the Horizon Lounge, with scones and cream every day, and a different specially on various days like chocolate, cup cakes or crepes. Thrown in was a Trivia Quiz, which strangely was US biased, in a ship where (happily) less than 50% of the passengers were from the USA. I ask you, who could possibly know which NHL team last won the cup three times in a row, or what US state has only one syllable. Still it ensued that US citizens won the prizes.

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I never saw myself buying art on a boat, but we shared a jeep down Wadi Rum, with Dan Hughes the Art Director on the Voyager. Talking to him got me interested in looking at the art being auctioned. I ended up buying 2 works of Peter Max, a man who I had never heard of before (sorry Peter) but who is famous in the art world. I really like his style.

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Life was the same as on most cruise ships, we started with the.. drill. As always a completely useless exercise The pool deck varied between completely empty sometimes .. chock a block full at others. I was not into sunning around it!
Above the pool deck was a walkway round the ship for the .. ..more athletic to exercise. 4 times for a mile. Mini golf as well We passed fully laden container ships of enormous size. Sunset from our balcony, where we could enjoy tapas and a sundowner every evening.
Various entertainment. like a free wine tasting that was quite jolly, but very crowded A cookery demonstration, I got a front row seat, so got to play with the ingredients An Ice Cream special which I looked at but did not touch - I would never have been forgiven The Captain, poor sod, doing his rounds and chatting up the punters. Some like that
A large, standard theatre where the usual sort of entertainment .. was put on. The lecturers were poor (one, a Norwegian was very good), the shows just OK Lunch on the pool deck featured a number of specialties, like this "Spanish" theme Chris enjoying lunch with a glass of something no doubt light and refreshing.
Some of the presentation was very impressive like this fish on the lunch buffet And if you were in the mood, pudding and cakes were all around to tempt. The cruise director was a strange man who did not mix with passengers, and he managed 3.. ..weeks without saying a word to me. I have forgotten his name already, such was his impact.
I went to a premium wine tasting, quite expensive, but included wines like Chateau Yquem And we sailed on to India

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