Tashkent and Home

Day 22: Khiva – Tashkent:

After lunch at Khiva it was off to the airport for a 4pm Uzbek air flight, in a turboprop aircraft. The flight took 2 hours - it is a long time since I have flown in a propellor driven aircraft. It was a short drive into Tashkent

We stayed at the Tashkent Palace Hotel. A Stalinist hotel opposite a Stalinist opera house. Mind you, one can stand at the roof-top restaurant and watch the fountains in the square below dance to the music. The hotel is vast and we had a long walk from the lift to our room. The long corridor was soulless. The room was certainly adequate, and harks back to it being a Meridian at one time - sanctions have removed many of the international chains from Uzbekistan. There was a small pool that we did not use, but saw it from our room. We ate in the rooftop restaurant - I would not really recommend it - service was soviet style, slow, and the food fairly average - not another soul there gave the restaurant a sort of weird haunted feeling. You can probably do better in Tashkent, but the hotel does have a certain "period " charm

We were in bed by 10pm and up 3 hours later to be driven back to Tashkent Airport and home via Istanbul.

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We boarded a prop aircraft and 2 hours later reached Tashkent. The opera house was opposite the hotel and the restaurant empty ..
..for the last supper. Amanda looks relieved to be shot of us all. Amazingly the boys got back home before us on their magic carpet


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