Day 13: Kokand – Khodjent (Tajikistan): Most traffic these days now leaves the Fergana Valley via a new route to Tashkent. We however were heading along the original Silk Road route by following the Syr Darya River into Tajikistan. This meant another border crossing, again lengthy. One has to shrug one's shoulders and accept the mindless delays. Lunch was a picnic by the road - no restaurant stops possible.

We continued to the Silk Road town of Khodjent, which is believed to have been founded by Alexander the Great.

In 1866, as most of Central Asia was occupied by Russian Empire, the city became part of the Russian Governorate of Turkestan and then part of the Soviet Union until 1991. In the 1929, it was incorporated into the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan (Tadzhik S.S.R.). Khodjent is now the second largest city in Tajikistan.

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Picnic en-route to Khodjent Khodjent Market area and war memorial
A mainly fruit and vegetable market, with hardy a tourist in sight  
Dip in the lake before dinner. Khodjent Museum was house in the old fortress Typical public building

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