Driving round the Baltic States

Baltic States

We flew in to Riga, took the bus into the city and spent 3 nights in Riga

To explore Riga, an important city dating from Middle Age, walk through the Hanseatic old town including Riga castle, St. Peters church, Dome Cathedral and the House of Blackheads. Old Guild houses and merchant palaces are hidden on narrow cobblestone streets. Riga has beautiful gardens and parks enriched with Art Nouveau architectural masterpieces and elegant shops.

Riga to Tallinn. Back out to airport to pick up a Hertz car and drive to Tallinn for 2 nights

Tallin to Tartu for 1 night

Tartu to Malpils Manor for 1 night

Ventspils for 1 night

Ventspils to Klaipeda where we stayed 2 nights

Klaipeda to Vilnius, the final leg was to Vilnius and back to Riga for the flight home

Vilnius to Jurmala



We also had a few weeks in England on the way to the Baltic States, and on the way back

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