Itinerary July - Aug 2010 - London via Tuscany

europe 2010

Fri 16 July drive to Barcelona. Grimaldi Lines, departs Barcelona at 22.15, check in by 20.45. Leave here at 15.00

Sat 17 July to Sat 24 July At Le Manzinaie Click this link for photos at that hotel

Thern we took a day trip to Rome by train

Sat 24 July to Sat 31 July At Sant' Antonio.

Sat 31 July leave about 9.00. 7.5 hours drive. At Petit Hotel Confidentiel at Chambery. Overnight stop

Sun 1 Aug & Mon 2 Aug. leave by 10.00. 5 hrs 45 mins drive. At B&B Reuilly in the Marne and Champagne areas of France (with photos of UK, France and Spain)

Tues 3 Aug Ferry. Leave about 7.00. 3 hrs drive from B&B. Check in by 10.15 Ref 54284194

Tues 3 Aug, Wed 4 Aug, Thurs 5 Aug in Champagne. 2.5 hours drive from boat. Boat docks at 11.30

Fri 6 Aug to Sat 14 Aug . Back to UK . Fiona's. Visit Di and Tony in Stratford. Gina and Ben in Steyning and Hazel in London

Sat 14 Aug Ferry. Leave London about 7.30. Check in by 9.30 Ref 54284194. Boat docks at 12.30. Driving time to Gaynor 7.5 hours

Sat 14 Aug, Sun 15 Aug, Mon 16 Aug at Gaynor & Vic's.

Tues 17 Aug. Leave about 10.00. Driving time to hotel in Pyrenees 6.5 hours Stay at Hotel Aneto, Benasque

Wed 18 Aug back Moraira.7.5 hours driving.