Montevideo to Buenos Aires

So its on to the final night on the ship. We pull out of Montevideo around 5pm.

Wine Steward 2nd waiter
2 waiters Dining Room

The Main Dining Room and our waiters, a very nice bunch

Day 15. The ships docks in Buenos Aires in the early hours of Sunday morning. The crew had to set about replacing 3 broken windows on a tender with metal sheets. They had been broken in the storm during day 11.

Taxi mafia in Buenos Aires Taxi mafia in Buenos Aires
The taxi Mafia in action, I reckon that thy are clearing $10,000 per cruise ship in illegal profits.

We leave the ship around 9am, and are faced by the chaotic taxi situation. True to form, Celebrity cannot organise a disembarkation. We are bussed to the cattle shed to pick up our bags, then hundreds of people are queuing for a taxi. Nobody from Celebrity was on hand, and the taxi mafia ensured a minimum price of $25 for a journey that should have only cost $10, you either took the taxi at that price or you took their taxi at that price. Regulations in our Celebrity instructions informed us that it was illegal to try to walk out of the docks, there was no alternative to the taxi at $25. The scam would net them around $10.000 per cruise ship.

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