Cuban Visa Saga

cuba visa

Cubans require you to have a visa to get into the county, but make it easy for you to get by doing them through your travel agent. Hence our visas were post to our address in Spain a couple of weeks before we left by Cuba Travel Plan . However they did not turn up in time and we had to arrange for a second set to be sent by courier, 24 hours guaranteed delivery.

When we returned from the holiday, we discovered why they originals had not arrived in time, the reason being that British postage was put on rather than the correct postage to get to Spain. British Post Office sent the letter by slowest means possible, and it took three weeks to get here. We had been long gone by then.

I then got Cuba Travel Plan to send a second set of visas by "guaranteed" 24 hour courier service. 24 hours later, they had not arrived. They eventually arrived, with literally 5 minutes to spare, after 54 hours in transit. I had a fraught time trying to find out how else I could get visas - you cannot just arrive in Cuba and hope they will let you in!. The company that Cuba Travel Plan used was the Post Office's own system. I do not recommend it, our visas, I discovered, had sat for 24 hours in Gatwick Airport, without moving. Use UPS or one of the "proper" courier services.

I checked eventually that Iberia's Travel Company in Madrid Airport can sell you a visa at 40 euros each. A useful tip if anyone else is unfortunate enough to find themselves in that position.

In the end the visas turned up here with 5 minutes to spare, but it was an anxious 24 hours that I could have done without.

The Cubans are quite touchy about visas and getting into and out of the country. They take a photo of you as you go in, and check it with your photo as you go out. There is a long queue to get past Immigration ,and another long queue for the reverse process to get out.

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