Inside Passage, Alaska to Vancouver

cruise ship in Ketchikan swimming on Volendam in ketchikan

The Inside Passage runs from the Alaska Panhandle to inter coastal British Columbia. It takes oceangoing vessels along a series of passages between the mainland and the coastal islands. It is heavily travelled by cruise ships, freighters, tugs with tows, fishing craft and BC Ferries. The name Inside Passage is also used to refer to the ocean and islands around the passage.

We left Ketchikan on a sunny afternoon, following other cruise ships out. The nature of cruising here is that the ships arrive about 6am and leave around 4 or 5pm. This Norwegian ship left just before us, and there certainly was not much room for maneuver on the narrow channel.

bald headed eagle ketchikan whale inside passage

Wildlife spotted included bald headed eagles and whales. But try as I might, I could never photograph the whales out of the water - by the time I closed the shutter, the thing had disappeared under the water, leaving only the "splash"

inside passage alaska inside passage canada

Having left Ketchikan on a sunlit evening, we awoke next morning to overcast skies and some rain squalls, so photography was limited

inside passage canada

The Inside Passage certainly is narrow, and has large ships passing along it.

rainbow on inside passage, canada

As we neared Vancouver a rainbow emerged from a rain shower, marking the end of our journey on the Volendam

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