Aomori, Japan

wood block museum aomori wood block museum aomori

A famous wood block carver called Munakata was born in Aomori. He produced numerous woodblock prints, paintings in watercolor and oil, calligraphy, and illustrated books. His works received critical acclaim both in Japan and overseas, and he received many prizes. He had this museum dedicated to his works in the suburbs of Aomori. It took some finding, but we eventually tracked it down, and it was well off the main tourist drag.

harbour bridge aomori vollendam from harbour bridge aomori

Apart from the museum, all that there was of note in Aomori was the harbour. For reasons that are not quite clear a very spectacular bridge was built to span a very small stream. The end result of carrying the road over the stream could have been accomplished by cheaper means. However the architecture of the bridge and the area round the port is very modern, and was worth inspecting.

bonsai tree aomori bonsai tree aomori

And an added bonus was stumbling across an exhibition of exquisite bonsai trees. I never really appreciated the detail of this art form before.

japanese artwork aomori

And standing guard over the bonsai trees was this frightening figure, who struck me as being very Japanese.

vollendam in aomori harbour farewell to a cruise ship aomori

A nice shot of the Volendam with the modern port architecture in the foreground. And there it is, the band playing the Volendam out of the harbour.

Next stop Kodiak, Alaska, but it takes a week at sea and crossing the International Date Line to get there.

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