Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima is in the shadow of the volcano, Mount Sakurajima. An eruption in 1914 of the volcano spread ash throughout the town; but relatively little disruption ensued. One feels that there is a disaster in the making here, as the city is right under the volcano.

Kagoshima was bombarded by the British Royal Navy in 1863 to punish the daimyo of Satsuma for the murder of Charles Lennox Richardson on the Tokaido highway the previous year and its refusal to pay an indemnity in compensation. A classic example of "gunboat diplomacy".

Kagoshima, Japan ferry Kagoshima, Japan ferries

We walked down to the ferry port, and took one of these little fellows over to the volcano. They are just the local car ferries and run every 15 minutes.

Volcano Kagoshima, Japan Spa Kagoshima Japan

We walked along the shore past the hot springs where you could bathe your feet in the hot volcanic water.

lava flow at Kagoshima Museum, Kagoshima

And on past the lava fields and park centre where they explained what had happened with the volcano over the years, and how they tried to control the regular lava flows, by channelling them away from the town. We then took the ferry back into the city, and took a walk round the city streets. Like most Japanese cites it had been bombed flat during the war, and very little old remained. This is the city museum

statue Kagoshima statue  in gardens Kagoshima

The Japanese like their public gardens, which tend to be small in area, as they do not wish to give up valuable city land for them. These are two examples of what we saw, with small sculpted trees surrounding statues.

modern sculpture at Kagoshima shopping mall roof at Kagoshima

There was the occasional dramatic modern statue like this one, and an interesting domed roof over a shopping mall.

kagoshima town centre

Trams play a big part in modern Japanese city transportation, and the streets have a good spread of flowers to brighten them up

farewell kagoshima drums and dancers at Kagoshima

And leaving port we got the "traditional" Japanese drums. All the ports in Japan had drummers, the largest of the drums certainly needed a physical effort to get them to sound.

Mount Sakurajima kagoshima smoking

Landsat photo of Mount Sakurajima volcano smoking.

We left Kagoshima for Kobe Japan.

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