Beijing, China

There were various parts to our Beijing visit. Beijing is not on the sea, and is around 3 hours drive from the port where the cruise ships dock.

The Great Wall of China done on our first foray to Beijing, this section of the Great Wall is a short distance north of the city.

The Ming Tombs are also on the north of the Beijing, so were combined with the Great Wall

Tiananmen Square was seen on our second day. An unbelievably large square, home of Mao's tomb and hub of the city. We walked round, took in the atmosphere, took photos, then went on to the Forbidden City.

"Forbidden City" is right on Tiananmen Square. The crowd control is well organised, and you can only walk through in one direction. Certainly from the crowds, all Chinese take in the Forbidden City at least once in a lifetime.

The Temple of Heaven a very scenic, circular, temple to the south of the city (round things representing heaven in early Chinese culture), and seen as we returned to the ship from The Forbidden city. The Temple of Heaven in fact gets more visitors than the Forbidden City each year.

After this it was out to sea for two days to reach our next port, Dalian, in China.

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