A clipper ship cruise across the Indian Ocean on "Star Flyer" in 2007


Whether you want to call it a cruising holiday or a tall ship voyage, this Clipper Ships web site has the intention of recording our voyage together from Phuket to Athens in the spring of 2007. A sailing ship, especially a clipper ship, in the middle of the vastness and timelessness of the Indian Ocean is something very special - well it was to me anyway!

Star Clipper statistics for those who need to know length, weight, sail area, etc.

Feel free to email me with suggestions, etc, and I will do my best to incorporate them, but remember while you may have paid Star Clippers for the cruise, you are not paying for the web site. I do not claim to be an ace photographer, so the more photos we can get from you the better.

Photos There is a folder for each passenger who sends me their photos of the clipper ship, its passengers or crew. Clicking the appropriate name will give you that persons selection of photographs.
Photo Highlights

A page is indexed for "passengers", "ship", "crew" and "ports". In an effort to bring all the photos together and make them more readily digestible.

Impressions An invitation to you to record you impressions of the things you liked and the things you disliked about the ship, the crossing, the crew, and even your fellow passengers!
Voyage Map |Map showing the ship's voyage from Phuket, Thailand to Athens, Greece
1492 by Vangelis We sung it together, although not apparently to Vangelis' words.