Cook Islands 2001



We stayed at a Condo at Avana Marina. It was possible to walk all round the island, which we did by walking, then taking a bus back to the apartment. Next day taking another bus to where we had stopped the day before and so on, This is the only road on the island as the centre is too mountainous, and nobody lives there. The buses went clockwise and anti-clockwise every 30 minutes,

We were enjoying a drink at a nearby beach cafe, when the waiter told us we would need to get back home quickly as he thought from the way the seabirds were behaving that a cyclone was on the way. It was only 800 meters back to the apartment, but the time we go there sheets of corrugated iron had been torn of roofs and were whistling round like ammunition, and we saw a mango free bend in the wind, straighten and throw its entire load of fruit into the air. Next morning the beach in front of our apartment had gone, washed away by high seas. But after that the weather returned to normal



Aitutaki is a fair distance from Rarotonga, and we needed a flight to get there, If Rarotonga is small & quiet, Aitutaki is smaller and quieter

We stayed at a small hotel on the beach, Are Tamanu

Aitutaki, immediately post WW2 had been a major world airport, for flying boats to refuel. The boom lasted less than 10 years, and little remains of the activity today





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