1969 Tunisia

Our first "hotel" holiday was a Thompson Package to Tunisia. To be precise, to the Sindbad, a 4 star hotel in Hammamet. We had pushed ourselves a bit financially to do it, so when we got there we could not afford alcohol from the hotel bar, furtively adding duty free to colas.. Our finances were probably not help by taking a couple of excursions; one to the oasis of Tozeur in the Sahara, which had 2 nights away. And another to Carthage

We were quite wowed by the hotel. Breakfast was served on our room balcony, and it represented a side of life's luxuries that I had never seen before



The town of Hammamet was certaimly scenic - what the locals make of European tourists, I have no idea


Our trip to the desert oasis of Tozeur was memorable and exciting - if a little hot and uncomfortable on the tour bus. All tour companies did and still do operate the same sort of scam the tourist scenarios, from an "opportunity to buy" to a man on a camel just happening to be in the middle of nowhere to tout for money. And at the oasis the local boys dived in after coins thrown by tourists



We had a trip to the ruins of Hannibal's Carthage


And back via Tunis Airport.


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