In this regular section of TescoNet's Net News magazine we interview real people whose life has been changed for the better by the Internet. It could be you one day. If the Net has had an impact on any area of your life, be it at home or work, let us know by sending us an email.

Being a hotelier is hard work at the best of times. But add to that a part time job as a web developer and you have could end up working all hours. That's what David Grant from Cornwall does.

After buying a run-down hotel two years ago, he and his wife Chris decided to do it up and then advertise on the Internet.

David knew very little about the Internet and thought it was for academics. However he was pleasantly surprised, after attending a seminar organised by the tourist board, to find that it suits just about everyone.

"I thought that if I could learn about the Internet, I could design my own site for the hotel," he says.

The hotel looks very formal and David thought that by advertising it on the net, he could draw attention to the friendlier and more relaxed side of the surroundings.

David also likes to use the Internet to see what his competitors are up to. "I can see what they are offering and then try and improve our service," he says.

But the main aim of his web site was to promote the hotel business. "Connection was relatively cheap and I signed up with a commercial site," says David. He then listed his site with several different search engines.

David has discovered that the site attracts visitors from way beyond these shores. Guest from as far away as Venezuela and the Amazon Jungle have found the hotel on the Internet

But quite apart from business matters, David also uses the Internet for personal interest.

Genealogy is one of his favourite hobbies. Being an only child from Ireland, he grew up with virtually no relatives. He wanted to trace his family history and has found the Internet a great help in doing so. He has tracked down long lost relatives all over Ireland and is still hoping to find more.

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