Our House

Make sure you have brought the keys with you, and if its dark you will need a torch as the electricity is off on arrival.

Getting In
The 4 keys you have are for the front door. 2 padlocks, 1 for the grille and 1 for the front door itself. Make sure you put the same 2 padlocks back on the front door

Electricity & Water
Once in the front door, you go down the stairs to the kitchen. There is a small pantry off the kitchen, and against the outside wall of the house you will see the fuse box for electricity. You should only need to turn on the separate trip switch BELOW the fuse box, there is no reason for the ones in the box itself to be off.

There is also the two mains taps for the water below the fuse box, turn that on. They have a red and blue dot on then respectively.

All the other keys for the house are on the key rack in the kitchen, on the front wall of the house (to the left, beside the fridge)

The keys are in bunches that are sort of logical. One lot for basement (where the boilers are), one for top floor, etc. Each window/door has padlocks and door locks.

Note that 2 of the windows are left open on the hooks to keep the place aired, these are the one beside the front door, and in the downstairs bathroom.

One of the bunches does the lower back gate (to the pool), the back entrance to the whole urbanisation, and the outer and inner doors to the basement. Having got into the basement switch the lights on, and you will see the boilers on your left. The big one is for the hot water, the small one for the central heating (you shouldn't need this in summer).

The water boiler is gas fired, and like most gas appliances needs first the pilot lit, before you can switch it on. To light the pilot, make sure the incoming gas is on, then you do the standard push and click that one does for a gas boiler at home. You need to ensure that the round knob is set to "ignition" (little lighting sign), then hold in the ignition button alone of the two square buttons one on top of other, and at same time push spark ignitor, which is to the right of the other knobs. After about 10 seconds you can release the square ignition button, and the boiler should fire up on its own. If it does not, then you need to use a match or a taper to light the pilot - I useully end up doing this!

Make sure also that the gas tap is on UPSTAIRS outside the FRONT door. It is to the left of the front door beside the electricity meter. We do not ususlly turn it off, but someone may have done

Other Equipment
The kitchen should have everything you need. There are two big fridges (one in kitchen, one in back pantry) and a freezer (in pantry)

If you use these please switch off long enough before you leave for them to fully defrost, wipe them out and leave the doors open

Phone is in the living room

When you leave
Do the whole thing in reverse.

1. Turn off gas, boiler and heating in the basement

2. Lock all doors and windows, leaving the small ones by the front door and in the bathroom on the hooks

3. Put keys back in the rack

4. Turn off water and electricity in the pantry.

5. Check fridge and freezer is open

6. Lock all four locks on the front door as you leave